Today examine your heart, examine your soul. Is it well with your soul? After you are sure of that, remember all's well that ends well. This life is temporary and will end. Spend more time being hopeful of the outcome and less time worrying about the painful process we sometime must go through to get to the end. God takes trials and tribulations that sometimes seem unbelievable to us and to others to make us and others believe in Him more and more. He is God. He is in control of all things. He does all things well.


When there are days you feel you have failed miserably in your Christianity don't give up. We are all human and flesh tries to be victorious. But remember God's grace is sufficient. When you fall, get back up and know He will give you the strength to move forward. Don't let anyone's opinion of you and your walk with God stop you. God looks at the heart, not on others opinions. No one is perfect. No one is even good. All we can do is strive to be more like Jesus.


"Don't treat people as bad as they are, but treat them as good as you are." Fix what needs to be fixed in your life now. Any bitterness you hold on to let go of it. Any forgiveness you need to dish out... get to dishing. Remember genuine forgiveness means forgetting. No, the person you forgive doesn't have to suddenly become your best friend, but you have to have enough love in your heart for them that you want them to be forgiven and saved by Jesus and have them with you in Heaven one day.


Appreciate life. Appreciate your family. Appreciate those who actually do care about you. Pray for others always, even when they don't ask. Forgive easily. Love a lot. 

Lord, be with all those facing tragedy and trials on this dark dreary day. Help them to see Your light at the end of the tunnel. Never let even the most spiritual person forget how much You love them. Build their faith. Show them Your glory. Amen


Sometimes it takes years to realize something that is just is. You then look back at your life and think of all the time, tears, worry, and energy you have wasted trying to change or create something different than what you have. I'm not speaking of material things or spiritual things...God can always make us be more -have more but our life, in general, is something we should be grateful to have. We can't base our contentment on a "someday" mentality. Be happy with who you are and what you have today. Life is a gift to enjoy. Don't waste years daydreaming of what you think should be - simply be glad that you "be" Many don't have that privilege.

As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us. Psalm 103:12
If there is ugly sin in your life today, take a moment to listen to God who may be nudging you right now and saying, "Look at that!" The ugliness of sin is hiding all the beauty deep inside of you that He wants the world to see. Nothing you attempt to use to artificially cover it will do. You must allow Christ to remove it from your life.


Life without God is like a driver of a wheelless car in the pit at the Indianapolis 500 hoping to win the race. No matter how beautiful the paint job, no matter the cost, no matter how powerful an engine - without wheels, the car will never fulfill its' purpose.


As you get older... and older... and... you can do one of two things.

(1) Realize at best you could only have x number of years left before you depart this life... point this fact out to yourself and others daily dwelling on how short life is (which is most depressing) or

(2) Realize at best you have only x number of years left before you depart this life decide to live every second of every day to its fullest, dwelling on how very blessed you are to have life. I push myself daily to always choose number 2!


Lord, I praise you for every single day you allow me to live and experience life no matter how hard it is at times. You are God and you love me and that in itself is amazing and enough to shout about. Cry out and shout, thou inhabitant of Zion: for great is the Holy One of Israel in the midst of thee. Isaiah 12:6


Today I asked, "Why?" Jesus said, "Because it was My plan." Today I asked, "When?" Jesus said, "In My Time." Today I asked, "What if?" Jesus said, "My peace I give." Only Jesus has all the answers. We are to live our lives trusting, obeying, and following only after Him.